Establishing contact - medical consultation.

The medical consultation is the first step for a successful treatment in Germany. For the medical consultation we need the medical reports of the patient. Once we have the medical reports we consult the relevant doctors in germany and then we inform the patient about the doctor's opinion and discuss with him / her the kind, duaration and eventually the costs of the treatment. 


We organise all the medical appointments for the patient and provide him / her with the necessary prescribed medicines.


We provide chauffeur to transport the patient and his companions from the airport to the place of residence and during their stay in Germany.


To book a hotel or an apartment for favorable prices all you have to do is send the time of your stay and number of guests. For companions we can look for a hotel or an apartment close to the hospital.

Visa and rservations

We prepare all the necessary documents to obtain visas for you and your companions and send them to your address by express mail. We even contact the German Embassy in this regard if needed. The flight reservations for you and your companions can be done by us.

Interpreters and translaters

Our professional staff exists of Graduates (male / female) of top universities. They speak Arabic, German and English and have an extensive experience in the fields of healthcare and medical tourism.

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